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Solving Exchange SMTP Problem October 18, 2007

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On a day I take a leave for Hari Raya, my boss ask me to solve an email problem. The problem was attended earlier where we(me and cikeasy) restart the ms exchange services(that suddenly down) at HQ. We thought the the problem already solved. But then, the user complaint that since two weeks ago they cannot receive incoming email.

It takes two days for us to find out and finally solve the problem. First, we think that it could be problem with the domain itself. when we do some checking with mynic, the domain account was expired since April 2007. When cikeasy make a phone call to mynic, the said, they never ever suspended .gov.my domain(for some reason maybe). Next

When running some dns test on the domain, we find out that it cannot using the SMTP port on the public IP to send email. So maybe problem with the port. Today we working together with the network engineer to check the problem. The first mistake, dns is not pointing to the right mail exchanger(MX). After changing the dns entry, it takes some times until it resolve the right IP.

Still, we have problem telnet to port 25 on the server to check whether SMTP port opened.  My silly mistakes was to (again) ping the wrong IP address. After a few adjustment to the switch, finally it was a success.

To make sure it works, I send an email from my yahoo account, to the .gov.my domain. It appears in bridgehead server que, and later on arrive at the mailbox. Finally, problem solved.

Thanks to cikeasy and our very helpful network engineer, Radzi. Kudos to both of you!