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Configure ScribeFire October 8, 2007

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First of all you need to have Firefox installed on your pc/notebook. Then go to https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/1730. Download and install the addon. restart firefox. The addon will appear at the bottom right of your browser. click on it will open the menu.

On the Blogs tab, click Add. Type in your blog address and choose the blogging service to add. If you are using blogspot, you need to custom it a lil bit. the tricky part when to set API URL for the blog. after that just fill in the username and password. It will connect to your blog and you can start posting from the browser without need to open and login through the web.

Thanks to ScribeFire.

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Data Merge with InDesign CS2 April 12, 2006

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U have to create certificate for about 130 participant. Do u dare to type/create 130 pages of that certificate?

U need to have InDesign CS2 and MS Excel installed (never try with openoffice yet).

1- create the template for the certificate.
2-leave a space for Nama and IC number (for example)

3-using shortcut F on keyboard or click at Frame Tool, Click n drag 2 rectangle space for Nama n IC

4-in MS Excel, type the whole Name and IC and save it as Comma Delimited (.CSV)

5-open Data Merge window, Window->Automation->Data Merge, click Select Data Source and choose the .csv file.

6-U will get a window like this.

7-to put it into our frame, press V on keyboard to get select tool, select frame then select the field, for example Nama. Do the same to IC, u get something like this.

8-adjust the type and size of font, position and so on, u can preview live data by click on preview box.
9-finally, click on Create Merge Document.

10-just do something like this, just click Ok and magic happen, 130 page created within a minute.

11-you’re done!
gud luck!