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Print Email in Outlook 2007 August 7, 2008

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Some user complaining that they cannot directly print selected email in Outlook 2007 as what they have did in Outlook 2003. The solution is to open up an email. Go to Other Actions->View In Browser. Then select which email you want to print, File->Print.


2 Responses to “Print Email in Outlook 2007”

  1. Azam Says:

    Tak paham ? Tak leh print direct ? Aku guna Office 2007 ni tak penah ada problem pon.
    Ctrl+P jer la … hehehehe ….

  2. asriey Says:

    let say dalam email tu ada fwd email dari beberapa org, panjang jadinya email tu. so aku nak print certain email je. bukan semua the whole email yang panjang tu. ada paham ka? hehehe

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