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Printing and Desktop problem April 28, 2008

Situation: HP Laserjet 1020(USB) installed on PC A, and sharing on the network. PC B also in the same network want to print to the printer attached to PC A. After all the process completed, the print item never printed, just staying inside the print que.

Solution: Go to printer setting, check the Port tab, Untick on Enable Bidirectional Support. OK

Situation: One user complain her monitor turning upside down. She accidently pressing a few button on her keyboard and ending up the problem.

Solution: A few solution available. 1-Look at the display setting, looking for the Graphic Option and Rotation. 2-Faster way is to hold Ctrl + Alt + Up Arrow. 3-Disable Hotkey for the display.


One Response to “Printing and Desktop problem”

  1. Azam Says:

    Good … kasik tambah lg problemĀ² and solution kat sini bro… !!!

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