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Fedora 7 Installation October 18, 2007

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Finally, after a half day troubleshooting, I can post something to share with you. The installation process take about 15 minutes to finish. Before this I’ve already installed Fedora Core 4 on my Dell Inspiron 6000 and it works perfectly. But this time, it gives me some headache.

Now, the problem that I’ve encounter is that, I can ping, resolve any domain or IP, but then, when I want to browse the Internet using Firefox, it will appear as connection timeout. I’ve recheck the IP address, routing, dns etc. But it’s the same with my windows configuration.

After searching for a solution, some people suggest that it’s a problem with IPv6. Below is what I’ve change on the system.

  1. edit /etc/modprobe.conf, insert these two lines to the end
    alias net-pf-10 0ff
    alias ipv6 off
  2. edit /etc/sysctl.conf, adding these two lines to the end
  3. Open Firefox, at the URL, type “about:config” (without quote), find for ipv6, u’ll get network.dns.disable.IPv6 and change default value to true by clicking on it.
  4. Restart

And it works for me. Thanks to Fedora Support.

Screenshot of Fedora 7 installed on HP Compaq NX6320.


3 Responses to “Fedora 7 Installation”

  1. Very good tips. This should help people that are new to FC7. Anyway, Firefox can be configured by typing “about:config” (without quote) at the address bar.

  2. Abah Says:

    Wah.. bagus bagus..
    dah lama sgt tak layan linux ni.. 😀
    at-least tau gak perkembangan terkini.. 😀

  3. david Says:

    thanks mate, I had the same problem after getting WIFI working on my r40 thinkpad.

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