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10 Important Sign To Stay August 1, 2007

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semalam bila berlegar-legar di ruang maya, terbaca artikel ni kat ->http://www.wisebread.com/10-important-signs-your-job-might-be-worth-staying-at

ok mari pergi satu persatu.

1. Your boss wants to use you to your fullest potential.

If it matters to your boss when you are under-utilized, that indicates that he values you as a person and not just as an employee. Which, in turn, means that he cares about your overall well-being at work, and not just your performance. Bosses like this are often more open to things like letting you telecommute or minimize your hours or tweak your job and procedures in it so your work conditions are as good as possible.

yg ni ada.

2. Your boss listens to your suggestions.

A boss who truly listens is a boss you can communicate honestly with. If you’re looking at starting to work at home, this sort of boss would be more likely to let you try it. Also, having a real “say” in what happens at work will give you a lift–it might not be what you truly care about, but at least you are a person whose opiniona matters.

sometimes yes

3. You have real responsibility for things that matter in your workplace.

Giving you autonomous responsibility says that your boss trusts you and that you are trustworthy. Clearly, you are a valued employee.


4. You have a good (working) relationship with your coworkers.

Bad coworkers make for a miserable work environment, and good coworkers are hard to find. If you’re at a job where you like working with the people around you, you’re in quite a good place. From that good place, you can take your time making decisions about the future.


just 5 of 10. for more, read at the above link.


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