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Masalah–>Telnet dan FTP September 4, 2006

Filed under: Solaris/Unix — asriey @ 2:55 am

Masalah: Telnet dan FTP perlahan atau kekadang terputus hubungan ke server.
1-pastikan buang maklumat yg berkaitan dns dalam /etc/nsswitch.conf
2-pastikan content dalam /etc/resolv.conf(jika ada) telah dikomen(#)


2 Responses to “Masalah–>Telnet dan FTP”

  1. Aety@IT Says:

    HAH!!!…cm ni la yg aku nak blaja…len kali kalu ada ilmu cm nik…kongsi2 arr…best3x…

  2. SNI Says:

    Boleh inform more about this issue? Saye bukan server team, network team. So selalu gaduh dengan server team if UNIX server cannot FTP or Telnet. Checked from the router, all lookup ok and port 20, 21 and 23 is opened. This is a WAN network, so user have to access from their country to datacentre in KL.

    SAye nak tahu how nsswitch.conf works. and y do we need to erase DNS info from that file. By erasing it, how does it work to solve the FTP and telnet issue.

    If you have the time… pls explain in laymen term,,, ( i am that sad)

    thanks.. =)

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