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Rush Hour July 19, 2006

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Last week was an unexpected to get such hurry. at about 5pm, get info. that some of us need to send 2 server (sun solaris n hp g3) to Hospital Kepala Batas(KBT). But first need to get the server from Hospital Serdang(SDG). Without any preparation, at about 2000hrs moved to SDG. The good news is that we can used our company’s new car that is waja campro with current KM is about 98KM. WOW! this is my first time ever driving a new car. After packing the server from SDG, at about 2200hrs.

Stop by at Hentian Sungai Buloh and having hj samuri satay kajang as our dinner. me, salina & tahrizi make an arrangement that after delivering+configuring at KBT, we’ll shoot back to KL and having one day off. at about 0245, arrived at KBT, plug in all the cables and the system running. the problems came down when the oracle form cannot be loaded because of some error regarding to smsnavig. the problem solved with creating mapped network drive to the server. the second problem occurs when need to change the sun box IP address.

since zafir and zul cannot be contacted, here comes the hero that morning. with some experience on linux and with help from uncle google, finally the problem solved at 0315. after that continue our planning to shoot back to KL. after toll plaza jelapang, plan changed. we’ll sleep for a while at salina’s house. at about 0930, continue our ride to KL. so mayb this is my new life. so many unexpected things happen. but a good hands-on experience.


One Response to “Rush Hour”

  1. easy Says:

    as my best friend say..as long as the pay is good…the happiness will follow ehahahahhahahah. Welcome to the world of chaos, unexpected scenario and problems solving!

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