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Finding jobseeker through YM July 5, 2006

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During this week, i’m looking for a person to replace my current position as System Developer. To make things easier, I just forward it to my friends via Yahoo! Messenger(YM). U know how it end up? A lot of email coming to my inbox. Wow! what a surprise. Every hour there are few email entitle “Job Application as bla bla bla”. the msg I forward is that ” jawatan kosong as system developer, PHP+MySQL, ada .NET pun ok, kalau bleh SEGERA lg bagus, email resume–>asrieyz[at]yahoo[dot]com“. and also some of the people posted it on a forum, like this one. http://www.php.net.my/forum/thread.php/13/1268 thanks to bushak (although i didn’t know who he is).

after the result, i think that YM also can be one of the methodologies/alternative for marketing, job and so on that involved people. especially whom are always connected to the internet.

To jobseekers that have applied, thanks for your interest in our company. we’ll contact you if we have an offer for you. well, this is my last week with Velocity Technology Sdn. Bhd. I’m moving to another company with a job entitle “System Engineer“. Hopefully this is a better migration to me since i’m waiting for my BIG day this coming August.


One Response to “Finding jobseeker through YM”

  1. solehin Says:

    saya sedang mencari kerja
    jika ada sila hubungi ssaya di 0174680338

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