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Best Firefox Extensions July 5, 2006

Filed under: Linux & OpenSource — asriey @ 4:08 am

I’ve been a fan of Firefox(ff) since it was first launched. Before that i’m using mozilla firebird. instead of tab browsing, the functional of ff can be expand to anything that suite your needs. today i’ve read about this topic –> 50 Best Firefox Extensions for Power Surfing and i’m surprise with so many more extension beside what i’ve right now.

so far in my list that i’ve been using before :

  1. FlashGot -extension to using with Flashget, a download accelerator.
  2. Fasterfox -makes ff faster and also an indicator how long it takes to load a page.
  3. Gmail Notifier -notifies me about my Gmail Account
  4. Gmail Space* – upload your file to your Gmail Inbox
  5. Web Developer* – widgets for web developer like me. so many tools & utilities.
  6. Del.icio.us* -bookmark your favourite sites to internet (instead of your bookmark toolbar)
  7. Videodownloader* -download video from youtube, google, metacafe, etc.
  8. MeasureIt* -draw a ruler to get pixel size for any elements.
  9. Firefox Extension Backup Extension* -backup & restore your ff extension.

* for this extension, mayb you can search it here -> https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/extensions/


2 Responses to “Best Firefox Extensions”

  1. Azam Says:

    Firefox mmg sempoi … even IE7 dah kuo … tp tak sebest FF. FF rulez !!!

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