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Data Merge with InDesign CS2 April 12, 2006

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U have to create certificate for about 130 participant. Do u dare to type/create 130 pages of that certificate?

U need to have InDesign CS2 and MS Excel installed (never try with openoffice yet).

1- create the template for the certificate.
2-leave a space for Nama and IC number (for example)

3-using shortcut F on keyboard or click at Frame Tool, Click n drag 2 rectangle space for Nama n IC

4-in MS Excel, type the whole Name and IC and save it as Comma Delimited (.CSV)

5-open Data Merge window, Window->Automation->Data Merge, click Select Data Source and choose the .csv file.

6-U will get a window like this.

7-to put it into our frame, press V on keyboard to get select tool, select frame then select the field, for example Nama. Do the same to IC, u get something like this.

8-adjust the type and size of font, position and so on, u can preview live data by click on preview box.
9-finally, click on Create Merge Document.

10-just do something like this, just click Ok and magic happen, 130 page created within a minute.

11-you’re done!
gud luck!


One Response to “Data Merge with InDesign CS2”

  1. Randi Says:

    This was very handy to look through the steps. I’m glad I came across your page.

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