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Prison Break @ 8tv April 10, 2006

Filed under: Personal — asriey @ 11:51 pm

kepada mereka yg berminat nak tengok Prison break ni, kalu tak silap(tengok promo kat 8tv ari tu) 10 April dah start tayang. sinopsis citer:

“When Michael Scofield’s (played by Wentworth Miller) brother, Lincoln (played by Dominic Purcell), is thrown into Fox River Penitentiary for something he didn’t do, and is sentenced to death, he does the unthinkable.

His crime: He’s accused of murdering the vice president of the United State’s brother, Terrence Steadman. Though evidence points at him being guilty, Michael is sure that his brother is being framed.

When Lincoln is sentenced to the electric chair, Michael decides to rob a band, breaking the law himself, and ends up being sent to, that’s right, Fox River Penitentiary, becoming a fellow inmate along with his brother.”


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